The Tse's Wii Chronicles

This has to be one of the most trying Wii-mod I've tried to do. It started out looking like a harmless-sure-can-complete-in-30-minutes-job. The whole process became a nightmare for the next two days.

First, the solder-point for the INPUT was totally destroyed cos of a MOSQUITO. I was soldering and this mossie landed on my back. I wanted to kill it so much that I forgot about the wire that I was holding. So I yanked so hard that the whole point got uprooted.
Next, I needed to find an alternative and it happened to be on the drive-chip itself with legs as tiny as that of an insect.

After assembling everything together, the mod didn't work. I started reflashing the PIC chip only to find out that the blue wire came off. It came off a total of 4 times during the whole procedure.

So it should work by now. Nope. It simply refused to work. I was testing the continuity with a multi-tester. Everything was connected correctly. What could possibly be the problem?

Somehow it wasn't right. The multi-meter gives the same reading between the clock and the +ve against ground. I buy 4D also not so lucky. After checking like crazy, I found a small speck of solder touching two of the tiny legs. This was the problem all the while.


I had my IPPT Test this morning. I passed but it's so obvious that age and an unhealthy lifestyle has really taken a toll. I've been running almost every day for the past four weeks...ever since the doctor told me that I have VERY high bad cholesterol. I've been watching my diet as well.

The test:
Sit-ups: 40 reps (5 pts)
Shuttle Run: 10.2 (5 pts)
Chin-ups: 4 (2 pts)
Broad Jump: 208 (2 pts)
2.4km: 12:16 (3 pts)

To think that Chin-Ups was always my hot favourite back THEN.

Whatever it is, I am gonna step into my next IPPT for FY2009 with the following goals:

Chin-ups: 10
2.4km: 10:30

Anyway, I got the $100 award for passing. Think I'll buy a pair of running shoes with that money.

Seriously, I want to be fat no more.

iPHONE Flashlight this is the thing I made for Vince. Someone came up with this idea and put it on the net. Quite a simple thing but if you get the right LED, you have a very effective source of light for night shots. You can actually replace the LEDs with high-intensity LEDs and turn the whole thing to works like a night vision-cam...


How do you get rid of fats?

First you can adjust your daily intake. Adjust the composition and types of food you ingest.
Increase muscle size so that you naturally consume more calories. Workout more. Do more cardiovascular activities. Eat at regular hours. Stop smoking. Stop drinking.
It's so hard to get the balance right.
I wonder if I can wake up early for a jog tomorrow morning?

A Bug! A Bug! The Bugger doth Come!

This is a bug / FM Transmitter I made off some electronics magazine's project in 1990. This isn't the original casing. Originally, the unit was built into a matchbox and powered by 2 x AAA batteries. Put the box of matches in someone's house and tune in with a pocket radio. It was easy back then cos the airwaves weren't as congested as now. The range is only about 50 meters in built-up areas.

We had loads of fun with this one listening to things not meant for our ears :)

Servo Pod from

This is a Servo-Pod made by following an instructable available on
It uses a Microchip PIC16F628A and interfaces with the computer via the serial port.
What it does is that you can adjust the direction of the webcam (or you can mount some rocket-launchers, crossbows etc) remotely thru the computer. What this means is that you can remotely survey your home from anywhere in the world thru a VPN or some free programs like LogMeIn.

After using this for a while, I find that I need more versatility. So, in the very near future, the micro-controller will have to control more servos, two of which will be for the camera, another two as a drivetrain to move the whole unit and some others to do whatever I goddamn please (like firing a gun remotely from Starbucks?).

The whole unit will run on tracks.....